This blog is now up and running!

Hello and welcome to my blog. You’ll note a few pages here. The blog is being written as an adjunct to my book, Paradigms of Freedom, which I am publishing online. The books chapters will be added as they happen under The Book. The introduction gives a quick introduction to the book and what I am hoping to achieve. You’ll find more by following the Home link and reading the Past, Present and Future pages.

I am blessed with friends on all sides of the political spectrum, left, right and center. I am inviting those with an interest in politics to comment in the Discussion pages and on the chapters of the book as they are written. All comments are moderated. However, if you want to be a regular contributor, I can give you your own log-in ID and password. Just email me. (Email link in the Links page!)

There are some rules to being a contributor. These are: try and stick to philosophical issues, be respectful of contrary opinions and avoid name calling or other unseemly behaviour. A good healthy debate is always encouraged, but keep it civil. As owner of the blog, I reserve the right to delete comments and ban individuals who are abusive.

That said, I hope you enjoy following this enterprise. The first discussion topic has been posted!


This blog is now up and running! — 7 Comments

  1. The problem with politics, I think, is that you cannot escape them. Humans are, as Aristotle put it, political animals. You can avoid overtly talking politics, but you cannon avoid “doing” politics, save by being a hermit. Even then it’s hard. Politics is human relationships. It is implicit in human language.

  2. Hi Marco:

    I’m in awe of your recent development. I think you are trying to crack some mysterious code. Lots of luck! Hammurabi onward!

    The book idea — and the process (blogging) — is divine.

    What’s really been bothering me these past years about freedom and liberty is the creeping fascism emerging.

    John Holt who helped boost the home education movement in the 70s did so for two reasons:

    - to validate the exit from a perceived oppressive system
    - to support families to take charge of their children’s education

    This is his quote that haunts me to this day:

    “Today freedom has different enemies. It must be fought for in different ways. It will take very different qualities of mind and heart to save it.”

    Even though I continue to be active in education reform (4 grandchildren) I still have not discovered those elusive qualities “of mind and heart” that will save freedom today.

    Very best wishes with your project, Marco.

    Tunya Audain

  3. I will be adding a Twitter link this evening for those who want to follow. My Twitter handle is BreakOutReport

  4. Marco, I thank you for initiating your book “Paradigms of Freedom” and your offering of an open collaborative invitation. Simply amazing development of human enterprise.

    I am an entry level libertarian student and have accepted some core principles as guiding codes of conduct for myself. I am reviewing your libertarian position departures and tend to agree with your reasoning. However, I must disagree with your premise of relative property rights. I support absolute property rights. I have absolute dominion over my body and grant myself my own authority to preserve and protect my life, liberties and extended material properties.

    I am weary of democratic tyranny of the mob overruling the rights of the individual by the rights of the community. How many individuals must be sacrificed at the alter of community greater good? Communities only have rights initiating from individual rights. An individual’s life leads to a community’s life.

    Is an individuals right to life, liberty, property and action absolute or relative?

    Again, thanks for offering your invitational collaborative initiative. May peace, prosperity and abundance be experienced by many individuals.


    • Hi Darcy! Thanks for your comments. I think property rights are the main bone of contention between different ideologies. In my comments in the “Present” article, I was challenging more the idea that one can do anything to protect one’s property rather than property rights themselves. The flagpole hanger example. But I will be looking at property rights themselves as part of the book. Including a look at Georgism and a look at Henrnando de Soto’s brilliant The Mystery of Capital. I have been neglecting this blog for a while and will make a resolution to complete at least a post a week in the new year, not necessarily to the chapters themselves, but at least to the discussion section.

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