The Break Out Report
for Dec. 7, 2001
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Canadian Stocks and/or warrants and income trust units trading over a dollar a share on the TSE that have broken out to new highs in the past week.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to follow my scribblings after the shake-up at  And I'd like to wish you and your families the very merriest of holidays. May the season indeed be bright, with good cheer and fellowship. Click here for Greeting Card!

We will be re-launching Investing: Canada as the Break Out Report with a new website and a new URL on January 7th. All the familiar features of the old site such as our extensive collection of Net Links will remain. However, our focus will shift to stocks for the most part. We will be redesigning the site to fit in with this focus. That takes some work and so this will be our last report before the new year. We will continue doing our weekly Movers & Shakers Report and our weekly New Highs list throughout those weeks. But we won't be profiling any stocks or doing these weekly commentaries.

Part of our switch will be to create a subscription based auxiliary service. This paid service will include two or three monitored portfolios with emailed hotline updates as well as additional features to be determined.  But we plan to keep our regular features here for free as they have been in the past. Details are still being worked out.

Looking now to the markets, we note that a couple of key barriers were breached this week as our resurgent bull market continues. The Dow broke the key 10,000 level and the NASDAQ broke 2000. There has been some pooh-poohing of these numbers as insignificant, mainly by those who believe the market is still vastly over-valued. But we'll repeat here what The Cabot Market Letter noted in their Dec. 7th newsletter. Quoting famed stock market operator Jesse Livermore (the fellow who made $100 million in the crash of 1929 by shorting the market) "Markets are never wrong....opinions are!"

(I've asked my wife for a copy of Richard Smitten's new biography on Livermore for Christmas!)

As we've noted before, markets are a leading indicator.  The current advances are an indicator of things to come down the road - an improving economy, more success in the war on terrorism, bigger and better profits.

 How long will this new bull last? Who knows. But we will keep watching it closely.

There are some leading indicators of where the market is heading. You might want to revisit my articles on Market Tops and Market Bottoms for thoughts from William O'Neil on this as well as links to key indicators.

Meanwhile, we offer the current stock market stats as well as our own Movers Index table below.

 The Main Indexes

Index Nov. 30 Dec. 7 % Change
TSE 300 7425.30 7616.80 +2.6%
DJIA 9851.56 10,049.46 +2.0%
NASDAQ 1930.58 2021.26 +4.7%

Our Movers Indexes

Exchange A/D Ratio Last Week Change
TSE 34/5 6.80 18/4 (1.29) +4.51
CDNX 3/3 1.00 10/3 (3.33) -2.33

The week saw the number of advancers in our TSE Movers almost double while the advancers on the CDNX declined. As we noted last week when we introduced this indicator, a strengthening TSE Mover Index is bullish. The CDNX Index is neutral unless it is increasing while the TSE Index is declining, which is bearish.

You'll find our Stock of the Week linked following the Pop-Up button.


This Week

Stocks Worth Checking Out

Besides our Stock of the Week this, several qualifying for consideration for included: Transforce, Newalta, Coolbrands International, WFI Industries, Domco Tarkett, Dorel Industries, Suncor Energy an Andre's Wines.  Not quite making the 25% quarterly profit growth we look for, but interesting all the same is BMTC Group, Liquidation World and Uni-Select Inc.

Lots of previously profiled stocks hit new highs: George Weston, Groupe Laperriere et Verreault, Reitman's, Contrans Corporation,  Saputo Inc., Viceroy Homes, Canadian Hunter Petroleum, Paladin Labs, Stantec, Biovail, FirstService Corp., CGI Group, BW Technologies,  Bennett Environmental, A.L.I. Technologies and Forzani Group.

Although we are not commenting on them, we continue to chart our Movers & Shakers each week. Click on the button below for table.