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We started doing Internet Stock Profiles informally with our articles when we started covering Canadian Internet stocks on March 29, 1999.

Then on July 19th we started putting together profiles as a resource for our readers with a short overview of the company and key links to news and information about it.

In July 2000, we expanded our coverage beyond Internet stocks to the top market performers for each week from whatever sector they might come from.

With that change we have started doing profiles on companies from other sectors as well, though tech stocks still often top our weekly reports. The first such profile was Winspear Diamonds.

As of Oct. 9, 2000, there were over 60 profiles in our collection. We will continue to add one or more almost every week.

Keep watching as we continue to add to this information base.

Acetex Corporation
Acktion Corporation
Active Assets & Associates
ADF Group
Akita Drilling
A.L.I. Technologies
Alternative Fuel Systems
Antrim Energy Inc.
Anderson Exploration
Applied Terravision
Arbor Memorial Services
Axcan Pharma
Beamscope Canada

Bennett Environmental
Biovail Corporation
Bonavista Petroleum
Bonus Resource Services
Bowridge Resource Group
Brookfield Properties
Burntsands Inc.
CAE Inc.
Calpine Canada
Canada Bread
Canadian Bank Note Co.
CGI Group

Chapters Online
CHUM Limited
Cinema Internet Networks
Contrans Corporation

Cott Corporation
Courage Energy
Diaz Resources
Diversinet Inc.
Dominion Citrus Ltd.
Dynasty Components
ELI Eco Logic Inc.
Eicon Technology
Entreplex Technology
Ezenet Corporation