11/15/01 - The Great Tech Comeback
Our monthly mutual fund review sees tech funds roaring back with a vengeance in October!

11/01/01 - Gold Grows as Growth Slows
Guest writer Brien Lundin of the Gold Newsletter conducted this interview on the future of gold with three industry movers.

10/30/01 - A Tribute to Trade
Guest writer Llewellyn Rockwell Jr. penned this moving tribute to the men and women who worked in the World Trade Center. Read it!

10/24/01 - The Value Investor's Worksheet
We've updated this feature which first ran in October 1998. It includes a handy pop up of our worksheet to print out.

10/17/01 - Gold Funds Still Shine in September
Not surprisingly, gold and precious metals funds did well in the wake of 9/11.

10/01/01 - The New Investing: Canada
You can't keep a good website down! About.com terminated 300 guidesites including this one and most othe Canadian sites in a massive restructuring. But we're continuing in our new location!

09/20/01 - Preview of Things to Come?
Our monthly mutual funds report notes strong performance by precious metals funds in August 2001. The prospect of a war economy could make for a repeat performance in months to come.

09/13/01 - Support America! Buy Stocks!
The terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center want the market to crash. Let's not help them!

08/16/01 - Bond funds lead way in July
Our monthly mutual funds report notes strong performance by bond funds in July 2001.

07/26/01 - A Mixed Bag for June
Our monthly mutual funds report notes no strong leadership.

07/12/01 - Con Alert!
We explain how to recognize investment cons and ripoffs, including several examples.

07/05/01 - Channel Surfing for Fun and Profit
Part 9 in our Selling series takes a closer look at trend channels.

06/14/01 - Small Cap Revival
Canadian small cap funds did well in May, as did the energy sector. Our monthly look at Canadian mutual funds.

05/16/01 - Dramatic Comeback for Tech Funds
April was a dandy month for science and technology funds which staged a huge comeback. Can it persist? We examine.

04/26/01 - Abolish the Income Tax!
My annual article on the income tax takes a new tack this year - not a philosophical diatribe as in past years, but a practical plan to actually eliminate the income tax over time.

04/19/01 - Resource Sector Continues Strong in March
Our monthly mutual funds review notes that the resource sector continued to dominate the top performing funds in March 2001.

04/12/01 - The Fine Art of Negotiation
Some tips and pointers on negotiating skills.

03/29/01 - Book Review: It's When You Sell That Counts
We review Donald Cassidy's excellent book on the art of selling stocks.

03/15/01 - Resource Funds Reign in February
Our monthly look at mutual funds finds resource funds continuing their stellar performance.

02/15/01 - Techs Tops in January But Beware!
Tech funds were the top performing mutual funds in January, but the tech sector collapsed in the first two weeks of February. The watchword is caution!

01/25/01 - Income Trusts
The first installment in a series on income trusts. Includes a sidebar on oil and gas trusts as well as a table of Canadian oil and gas trusts showing their most recent distributions.

01/18/01 - Black Gold
Oil and gas funds came out on top in December 2000.

01/11/01 - Deciphering Analyst-Speak
This installment of our selling series looks at the euphemisms analysts and brokers employ for the word "sell".

01/04/01 - New Year's Resolutions for Investors
Lessons from last year's topsy turvy markets applied to creating resolutions for the future.

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