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My Websites

  • The Personal Website of Marco den Ouden - includes my biography, family tree, family photos, and a collection of my writings over the years.

  • The Marconium - originally called Readers Recommend: The Complete Index, this is a fan website for the Guardian newspaper's Readers Recommend blog. One RR blogger started calling it The Marconium and the name stuck, so I changed the name of the website on redesign.

  • Towards a Tax Free Canada - an idea on how to abolish taxes in Canada

  • Vintage Railroads - pictures and information taken from an old encyclopedia, I created this site to see how fast I could get a new website up and running (about a week)

  • Newsletterama - a guide to financial newsletters

  • When to Sell a Stock - based on a series of articles I wrote when The Break Out Report was a financial website in the early 2000s.

  • Stocknowledge - a recreation of my Investing: Canada site at About.com from 1997-2001. Expanded beyond Canada to global, but the site still needs a lot of updating and revision.



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