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About Us

Tax Free Canada is dedicated to creating a paradigm shift in the way we think about financing government. Specifically, we want the government to take a long term approach to finances that includes saving and investing. We want governments at all levels in Canada to build up nest eggs sufficient to generate enough revenue to cover the entire cost of government, thus allowing the government to eventually abolish taxes altogether.

Unlike previous tax rebel groups who aimed to limit taxes and often advocated slashing spending to do so, our approach is pro-active and solution oriented. Certainly there is waste in government that needs to be addressed. Certainly there are more efficient ways to run government. Certainly government can and should be less intrusive in the lives of Canadians. But while previous and existing groups look at these issues, our focus is primarily on the revenue side of things. Our focus is pro-active and on a long term solution to excessive taxation.

The founder of Tax Free Canada, Marco den Ouden, is a long-time libertarian and came up with the idea in 2001. He presented it in a series of articles published at where he was the Guide to Investing: Canada at the time. This article was updated in his financial newsletter The Break Out Report in March 2005. The original three part series as well as the updated article can be found here:

Original Tax Free Canada Proposal
2005 Updated Tax Free Canada Proposal

The current October 2006 update is our lead article on this website.

We hope to engage Canadians in a constructive dialogue to promote this revolutionary idea, an idea whose time has come.

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