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Taking Action

How can you help promote this idea? I have already sent a copy of the proposal to every MP. One way you can help is to email or write your Member of Parliament, sending him or her a link to this website and expressing your support of the idea. You can get addresses for Members of Parliament with the links below. The first three are from the Government of Canada website. For the email address for any particular MP, click on their name. The Hill and Constituency address lists are formatted to be printed off as mailing labels. The last link is to a private website that has all the email addresses together on one page. Very handy! The last link is to a page that has mass mailing links to MPs and many other Canadian and international recipients. The group emails to MPs are broken up into manageable groups of around 20 MPs. Click on each BCC link and up pops an email addressed to those MPs. Even handier!

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