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The lead article, Time for a Paradigm Shift, may be reprinted by any and all media that may be interested under the following guidelines:

Permission granted: Permission is granted to any and all newspapers and websites in Canada to reproduce the article with the following provisos: If reprinted as an article, it may be edited down as needed. If reproduced on a website, please reproduce it in its entirety. The following byline credit must be given in both cases:

by Marco den Ouden
Towards a Tax Free Canada

The information about the website including the url can be noted at the end of the article if preferred. Online reproductions must include a direct link to this website. Excerpts from the article may be freely reproduced in reviews, editorials or commentary. In all cases, newspapers, websites and writers using this material in any way are asked to email me at with a copy of the article or a link to the relevant webpage and permission to reproduce such commentaries on this website. Thank you.

Exclusive articles: If any publication would like me to write a variant on this article or an elaboration of it specifically and exclusively for that publication, contact me at For such articles I would expect to be paid the going rate for free lance articles and I reserve the right to post the article on this website a week after it has appeared in your publication but restricting it for further publication outside this website.

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